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Blocked, Leaking, Cold & Wet...?

“Your Plumbing Got You Down?!”

As the saying goes,”when it rains it pours!”, And in retrospec of plumbing the saying rings very true.

Whether it be in the middle of the night or whislt at work, blocked pipes, leaking pipes or no hot water never let you know in advance that they are about to give in on you. Aside from calling a plumber what can you do to abate the situation?

Below you’ll find a list of common Plumbing Problems,  and how to handle them until a Plumber can come out to resolve your problem. Its been consolidated so as educate you on the basics. If there are speicifc queries that are not covered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly, or through our Forum.

In Plumbing terms there are many variations of blocked pipes, including your toilet.  So we’ve categorised the areas of potential blockages:

  1. Basin,
  2. Shower,
  3.  Bath,
  4. Toilet &
  5. Sink, etc…


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“We Drain Your Sink, Not Your Wallet!”

In Plumbing terms there are many variations of leaking pipes, taps, toilets.  Some are visible, and audible, while others can be identified by raising damp, and unexplained raise in water bill. There are few quick fixes, but ultimately you Need a Plumber .


Looking forward to that refreshing hot shower, and instead feeling cold and wet dog. Usually that would be related to the geyser in some form or another. In household terms its the most vital and demand & plumbing appliance. If its not working Call a Plumber

Cold & Wet…

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