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All About The Hot Water Geyser....

There are many types of geysers on the market, and each specific for the function. Just to give you idea of the vast range of product (mostly, uniquely & proudly South African), there are Low Pressure Geysers, High Pressure Geysers, Gravity Feed Geysers, Solar Geyser, etc...Of which each have their own variations, such the litrage, horizontal, vertical,etc...In short in order for you as a consumer to understand what you are dealing with, within your residence, it would be suggested that you go through the effort to identify just what sort of geyser you have - generally speaking - in your roof.

Below you’ll find various topics about geysers, that should assist you at any given point in time. Its been consolidated so as educate you on the basics. If there are speicifc queries that are not covered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly, or through our Forum.

According to SABS & SANS Standards, as from 2001 all geysers should be installed in a certain manner with certain fittings, in short so as to ensure the safety of the household

If your geyser installation does not look remotely similar to the picture on the right, I would suggest you call a plumber to evaluate or even contact you homeowners insurance, which would be more than happy to help ensure that your geyser is upto SABS & SANS specification.

You may ask as to why such a specific requirement? Well, majority of households (specifically in urban areas) have high pressure geysers installed, typically within the roof or on an outside wall.

A High Pressure Geyser IS a High Pressure Vessel, and as  such if incorrectly installed, maintained, etc… can not only be Hazardous to Your Health, but Most importantly FATAL. Proof is in the pudding, just watch the video provided on this page

For a Geyser to have SABS & SANS  approved  standards of installation the following components should be installed with your Geyser (not listed in any particular order below)

  1. Drip Tray ;
  2. Vacuum Breaker ;
  3. Shut off Valve;
  4. Pressure Control Valve;
  5. Safety Valve (aka T&P Valve);
  6. Siphon Loop
  7. Electrical Isolator and Two Vent Pipes for the Pressure Control Valve and T&P Valve.

Geyser Safety & Standards

Water Heater Blast.mp4

VIDEO: The Geyser High Pressure Vessel.

VIDEO: Or would that be the Rocket in your Roof?

INFO: Read up on some basic Geyser Tech Specifications, from KWIKHOT...