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Whats involved in a Bathroom Renovation....

“Turning something Old into Something New!”

A Bathroom Renovation is like a change of clothes, giving your house that brand spanking new feeling! - without having to uproot your family and belongings -

The idea of a Bathroom renovation is fairly easy, but it becomes more complicated as you start to consider all the variables involved and more specifically the costs. So we’ve decided to provide you with the information that you would need in order to make an educated decision. Which by you doing so would prevent any uncalculated and unsavoury costs sneaking up behind you. Never mind the unpleasant experience that so many other have fallen prey to by using the “Jack of all Trades and Master of NONE” labours & contractors.

Below you’ll find various topics about Bathroom Renovation, that should assist you at any given point in time. Its been consolidated so as educate you on the basics. If there are speicifc queries that are not covered, don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly, or through our Forum.

So you’ve decided to rejuvenate your outdated, and not so practical bathroom?!  Congratulations! So where start?!

  1. Measure  your existing Bathroom and draw out  a scale drawing either on a piece of paper or on free software available on the Internet. Be sure to list all the windows and components (toilet; shower; basin; window, door, etc…). Try Google Sketch Up…
  2. Decide what type of renovation you want. There are 2 choices:
  1. Budget  for your Bathroom Renovation. This in it self is quite a challenge, as where to start?? Firstly RESEARCH & QUOTE:

“Tired of looking into your old mirror, that doesn’t reflect the younger you?! And those pink tiles are so NOT the new black!!….

Do’s & Don’t Of Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Budget Template

Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Determine you Bathroom Layout

Bathroom Remodelling Strategies: Low Budget

Shop SMART for you Bathroom Fittings

Where to Shop For Fixtures & Fittings

Other Interesting Topics: